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Son Of The King Book

Son Of The King Book

$ 20.00

This book encourages sons that as a believer, their identity is sealed in their hearts as a Son of the King! 

This book has 32 pages and gives you the opportunity to personalize the pages within. 

About the Author 

Terra Tucker, M.M.F.T, is a writer, speaker, teacher, and marriage and family therapist. She is 2001 Mrs. TN America and founder of CNC Ministries, which hosts conferences that focus on building a Biblical foundation for girls and women of all ages. She teaches on generational blessings and encourages believers to embrace their true identity as children of God- daughters and sons of the King. 

A devoted wife and mother of three, Terra is intentionally striving to build a Godly heritage and is passionate about equipping others to do the same. 

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